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Our Mission

About Us

Rock For Character is an Organization founded on the purpose of spreading the value of Character Education through music and media to connect personally with and positively influence high school,middle school and elementary school students across the country. RFC is a Unique POSITIVE "Voice" in todays world that is crowded with influential negative media messages directed toward our youth. Operating under the premise that most young people listen to music and look up to the musicians possibly as much as othr media source, our goal is to visit schools across the nation to connect with students and teach them the 6 strings (Like a guitar) of Character and to spread other Positive Messages. 

Keep your character in tune, One string at a time. 

Our message comes in the form of music, testimony and teaching by the musicians themselves. Through this testimony and teaching on Character Education, we expect to play a meaningful role in reversing the long-term negative trends in teenage and societal issues such as: high school drops-outs; tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse; teen pregnancy; violence, bullying and other destructive decisions


To be effective, character education must include the entire school community and must be infused throughout the school and culture. Character education promotes core values in all phases of school life and includes proactive strategies.


How Does It Work